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Campbell, Amberly Jo
Campbell, Michael Lee born 20 Jan 1948 died 1989
Campfield, Rita
Carlson, Eldo born 1901 died 1937
Carmichael, "Infant" born Bef 1900 died Bef 1900
Carmichael, Ada born 1901
Carmichael, Caren Judith
Carmichael, Cindy Jan
Carmichael, Dan
Carmichael, David
Carmichael, Donald
Carmichael, Harley William born 4 Sep 1902 died 6 Sep 1974
Carmichael, James Lyle
Carmichael, James Lyle Jr.
Carmichael, John W. born 14 Apr 1871 died 14 Aug 1960
Carmichael, Julia
Carmichael, Kevin
Carmichael, Laura M. born 30 Sep 1895 died Apr 1977
Carmichael, Loren Harley
Carmichael, Loretta
Carmichael, Lori Ann
Carmichael, Lowell Gene
Carmichael, Minnie E. born Nov 1892
Carmichael, Nellie born Jan 1899
Carmichael, Otha Jessie
Carmichael, Pamela
Carmichael, Peter
Carmichael, Randall Harley
Carmichael, Robert Lee
Carmichael, Shirley Ann
Carmichael, Vannie born 2 Dec 1886 died Jan 1975
Carmichael, Verna May born 1933 died 20 Jan 1933
Carmichael, Veva born 12 May 1899
Carmichael, Vicky Lynn
Carmichael, Virginia
Carmichael, Vurlean born 13 Jan 1922 died 11 Jan 1996
Carmichael, William
Carmichael, Zedora Delma born 14 Sep 1908 died 1991
Carr, Bernice
Carr, Elmer C.
Carr, Paul
Carter, Ada born 16 Sep 1904
Carter, Alice
Carter, Dan
Carter, Mary born 9 Dec 1906
Caudill, Carolyn Yvonne
Chatham, Teresa Lynn
Christy, Brooke Nicole Twin
Christy, Daniel
Christy, Daniel Lamar III
Christy, Kelcy Page Twin
Church, Harold
Church, Kay Ellen
Chute, James Henry
Chute, Joanne Elizabeth
Chute, Larry Brian
Chute, Tricia Joella
Clark, Dale Eugene
Clark, Dale Eugene II
Clark, Dessie Lee
Clark, James
Clark, Mickela
Clayton, Helen Florence
Clayton, Ron
Clemens, Janet
Clements, Martha E.
Cleveland, Mary
Cline, Christine
Cockerham, J.
Cockerham, Michael J.
Cockerham, Randall
Cockerham, Rebecca Ann
Cockerham, Timothy
Coggins, Carla Mae
Cole, Golda
Colford, Christy Ann
Colford, James Kenneth
Colford, James Michael
Colford, Jeffrey Daniel
Colford, Juliet Nicole
Colford, William David
Collins, Avis Mae
Collins, Cecil Eugene
Collins, Cynthia
Collins, Harold Dewayne
Collins, John
Collins, John Daniel
Collins, Larry
Collins, Linda Darlene
Collins, Lonnie died Jan 1975
Collins, Marion Edward
Collins, Michael Eugene
Collins, Myrtle Alice
Collins, Roseanna
Collins, Shirley Jewell
Collins, Vonnie Helen
Collins, Warren Earl
Collins, William Earl
Compton, Rick
Compton, Trish Kay
Conlin, Mary
Connell, Mary
Cook, Raymond
Cooper, Sam
Cortes, Faith Anna
Cortes, Luis Alan
Cortes, Luis Fernando
Couch, Joan Dee
Coughlin, Gertrude born 13 Oct 1898 died 4 Apr 1966
Courtney, Ella
Coward, Delba
Cox, Dalton Alan
Cox, Jeffrey Alan
Cox, Katherine Dawn
Craig, Angela
Cremeens, Dennis
Cremeens, Eldora
Cremeens, Eldoris
Cremeens, Joyce
Cremeens, Marilyn
Cremeens, Sandra
Crenshaw, Larry
Crosby, Helen
Cross, Carolyn Sue
Cross, Jeanette
Cross, Maurine Combs born 27 Aug 1909 died 30 May 1980
Cross, Rose Marie
Crowell, Connie Irene
Crumrine, David
Crumrine, Harold
Crumrine, Margaret Alice
Crumrine, Roy
Crussel, Dustin Lynn
Crussel, Marvin Lynn
Cummings, L. Junior
Cummings, Louisa
Cummings, Margaret Alice born 17 Feb 1883 died 12 Jul 1957
Cupit, Everett born 30 May 1926 died 4 Mar 1992
Cupit, Giles
Cupit, Kathleen Marie
Cupit, Kenneth Martin
Cupit, Kenneth Martin II
Cupit, Kirsten Mikaela
Cupit, Scott Everette
Cutright, Robbie
Cyster, Edna

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