John Greathouse and Elizabeth Family

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Sanders, C,C
Sanders, ConnieC,C
Sanders, ConradS,C,C,P,P
Sanders, Cory MatthewC,C
Sanders, Danya MichelleC,C
Sanders, Darrell EugeneS,C,C,P,P
Sanders, Ester Myrel NewleenC,C
Sanders, EvanS,P,P
Sanders, GarrellS,C,C,P,P,P
Sanders, Harvey OttoS,P,P,P,P born 12 Oct 1905 died 30 Jan 1987
Sanders, Jerry GeneC,C
Sanders, Jerry LeeS,C,C,P
Sanders, JuanitaS,P,P,P,P,P born 10 Jan 1928 died 23 Aug 1988
Sanders, KatrinaC,C
Sanders, Kelly MarieC,C
Sanders, KevinC,C
Sanders, Le KorynC,C
Sanders, Linda KayC,C
Sanders, Richard HarveyS,C,C,P
Sanders, Richard Harvey LeeS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P
Sanders, Robet DarylC,C
Sanders, Terrence CurtisS,C,C
Sanders, Wanda Marcella VellaC,C born 22 Nov 1926 died 6 Dec 1926
Sanderson, OraS,P
Sandy, S,P,P,P
Scarborough, BessieS,C,C,P born 26 Feb 1903 died 12 Oct 1980
Scarborough, CloeC,C born 4 Jan 1902 died 4 Jan 1902
Scarborough, EdnaC,C
Scarborough, EdwardC
Scarborough, Lester EdwardS,C,C born 5 Apr 1910 died 19 Dec 1983
Scarborough, MalcolmC
Scarborough, MichaelC,C,P,P
Scarborough, SybilC,C
Scarborough, VernaC,C
Scarborough, William HenryS,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 26 Jul 1875 died 17 Oct 1948
Scarborough, ZelmaS,C,C,P,P born 23 Jul 1905 died 23 Oct 1990
Schell, George ES
Schenke, LorenaS,P,P,P,S,P,P,P born Abt 1883, Puxico, Stoddard County, MIssouri
Schlehuber, Eric LeroyC,C
Schlehuber, Roy AllenS,P
Schneider, Alvin C.C,C born 5 Oct 1893, , , Indiana
Schneider, BillS,C,C
Schneider, Charles A.S,C,C
Schneider, Clarence OtisC,C born 7 Aug 1891, , , Indiana
Schneider, ConradS,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Jan 1860, , , Indiana
Schneider, Edward G.C,C born 14 Jul 1887, , , Indiana
Schneider, ElfredaC,C born 13 Nov 1885, , , Indiana
Schneider, Irvin M.S,C,C
Schneider, John D.S,C,C,P
Schneider, Mary RuthS,C,C
Schneider, OttoC,C
Schneider, Paul P.C,C born Abt 1917, , Posey County, Indiana
Schneider, Phillip CS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 22 Aug 1889, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana died 8 May 1938
Schneider, Raymond A.C,C born 12 Dec 1898, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Schneider, RonaldC,C
Schneider, Ruth K.S,C,C born 9 Apr 1896, , Posey County, Indiana
Schneider, William C.S,C,C
Schultz, ErmaS,C,C,P born Abt 1905, , , Illinois
Schultz, ErrmaS,C,C,P
Schultz, Fred F.S,P,P,P,P born Abt 1876, , , Illinois
Schultz, HenryC,C
Schultz, Patsy SueC,C
Schultz, RobertC,C
Scott, IsaacS
Sewell, DeloresS
Sheen, ArthurS
Shell, George E.S
Shelman, MaxineS,P,P,P
Sherley, Robert JohnS,P
Sherley, Toby JoanS,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P
Sherretz, Cecil OliveC,C born Abt 1909, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Sherretz, DorcasC,C born Abt 1914, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Sherretz, Harry FC,C born 27 Jan 1902, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Sherretz, Jessie MayC,C born Abt 1905, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Sherretz, Lilly B.C,C born Nov 1897, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Sherretz, Roy DanielC,C born 8 Oct 1899, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Sherretz, WilliamS,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born Jul 1873, , , Illinois
Sherretz, William Jr.C,C born Abt 1912, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Showman, GertrudeS,P,P,P
Shrewsberry, Zelma JeanS,P
Simons, GraceS,P,P,P,P,P born Abt 1894, , , Oklahoma
Simpson, John W.S
Simpson, PatsyS,P
Simpson, PresleyS,P
Simpson, RebeccaS,C,C,P,P born 20 Nov 1802, , Henry County, Virginia died 20 Sep 1900, Mill Shoals, White County, Illinois
Sizemore, S
Skeen, ArthurS
Smith, CatherineS born Abt 1844, , , Illinois
Smith, DellaS,P
Smith, Edward J.S
Smith, Elizana "Alzada"S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 5 May 1814 died 25 Oct 1879
Smith, George WilliamC,C born 1875
Smith, James A.S,P,P,P,P born 1838
Smith, James H.S,C,C,P born 1880 bur. Blairsville Cemetery
Smith, KateS,C,C
Smith, KittieS born Abt 1844, , , Illinois
Smith, Lena W.S,P born Dec 1877, , , Indiana
Smith, Martha L.S,C,C born 1865
Smith, Robert HenryS born 21 Sep 1904 died 1961
Smith, Sarah AnnS,S,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 1810, , , Virginia died 2 Jun 1892, , Williamson County, Illinois
Smith, VirginiaS
Smith, WayneC,C bur. Blairsville Cemetery
Sorrell, SarahS,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 24 Jan 1826, , , Kentucky died 12 Feb 1898, Carbondale, Jackson County, Illinois
Spencer, Edwin Valencourt Jr.S,P born 3 Oct 1859, , Posey County, Indiana died 2 Mar 1942, , Posey County, Indiana
Spencer, HarrietS,P,P
Spencer, RubyS,C,C born 21 Oct 1906, , Posey County, Indiana died 4 Jun 1983, , Posey County, Indiana
Spiller, Hazel DellS,P,P born 20 Jun 1898 died 10 Jan 1993
Spiller, PerrinoS
Spurgeon, JohnS
Stansberry, MillieS,C,C,P,P,P born 3 Sep 1880, Hydesville, Humboldt County, California died 21 Jul 1965, Nevada City, Nevada County, California
Stansberry, NathanS,P
Stansberry, Permilla S. "Mid"S,C,C,P,P,P born 3 Sep 1880, Hydesville, Humboldt County, California died 21 Jul 1965, Nevada City, Nevada County, California
Stearns, S
Stein, Richard JohnS,P
Stein, Richard JohnS,S,C,C,C
Steinmetz, AdeliaS,P
Stephens, FrankS
Stephens, WilliamS
Stephenson, LizzieS
Stevenson, SmithS
Stewart, ElizabethS,P
Stiles, John A.S,P born 14 Jun 1886, , , Kentucky died 27 Dec 1932, Henderson, Henderson County, Kentucky
Stiles, Kittie H.C,C born Abt 1917, Morganfield, Union County, Kentucky
Stinson, Elder BenoiS,P
Stinson, Parthenia B.S,C,C,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P,P born 5 Sep 1819, , , Kentucky died 16 Jan 1884, Point Township, Posey County, Indiana
Stolenburg, MadelineS
Stone, Christopher LeeS,C,C
Stone, Cynthia DianeS,C,C
Stone, Donald LeeS,P,P,P,P
Stone, Pamela LynnS,C,C
Stone, Ronald JamesS,C,C
Storme, LutherS
Stout, FredS
Streeby, IreneS
Strickland, Phoebe LauraS,P born 4 Aug 1910, , Le Flore County, Oklahoma died 4 Sep 1996, , Hughes County, Oklahoma
Stripe, HenryS,S born Abt 1794, , , Pennsylvania
Summers, Norma DawnS
Susannah, S,P born Abt 1749, , , Virginia died 9 Oct 1806, , Warren County, Kentucky
Sutherland, MarthaS,P
Sweeney, Carol AnnS
Sweetin, DavidS

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