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      Sex: M

Individual Information
          Birth: Between 1787 and 1788 - Warton Twp, Fayette, PA 64
          Death: 18 Dec 1851 - , Marshall, VA (Later WV) 63,634
         Burial: in Roberts Ridge, Marshall Co., WV
 Cause of Death: 

He appeared on the census in 1800 in Wharton Twp, Fayette, PA. 635
Harman Greathouse [Harmon born about 1787's father?]
2 males under 10
2 males 10 under 16 [Harmon born about 1787?]
1 male 16 under 26
1 male 26 under 45
2 females under 10
1 female under 45
He appeared on the census in 1820 in , Ohio, VA (Later , Marshall, WV). 66
Harmon Greathouse
1 male 26 under 45 [Harmon]
1 males 10 under 16 [Harmon Jr.]
2 males under 10 [John W., James]
1 female 26 under 45 [Mary Ann]
He owned land bought on 20 Feb 1828 in Big Grave Creek, Ohio, VA (Later WV). 636 James Stephens and wife Margaret sold to Harmon Greathouse of Ohio Co., VA, 50 acres land on waters of Big Grave Creek for $100, being part of a tract of land originally granted to Morgan Jones Sr. from Commonwealth of VA.
He appeared on the census in 1830 in , Ohio, VA (Later , Marshall, WV). 67
Harmon Greathouse,
1 male 40 under 50 [Harmon]
1 male 20 under 30 [Harmon Jr. or John W]
1 male 10 under 15 [James]
2 males 5 under 10 [Thomas, Henry E]
1 female 30 under 40 [Mary Ann]
1 female 5 under 10 [Mary Ann]
1 female under 5 [Sarah Jane]
He owned land bought on 3 Nov 1838 in , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 637 Harmon Greathouse bought land from James Stephens being one of the heirs of James Stevens deceased for $50.
He owned land sold on 12 Aug 1839 in Roberts Ridge, Marshall, VA (Later WV). 638 Harmon and Mary Ann Greathouse sold to Samuel Venne for $50, only description is Roberts Ridge. This is the tract of land they bought from James Stephens.
Loan: 29 Oct 1839, , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 639 John Greathouse 1st party, Harmon Greathouse Sr. 2nd party, and James Burley 3rd party.
Loan: 28 Feb 1840, , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 640 Harmon Greathouse Jr. 1st party, James Burley 2nd party and Harmon Greathouse Sr. 3rd party.
He appeared on the census in 1840 in , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 68
Harmon Greathouse
1 male 5 under 10 [Henry]
1 male 10 under 15 [Thomas?]
1 male 15 under 20 [James?]
1 male 50 under 60 [Harmon]
1 female 10 under 15 [Sarah Jane]
1 female 15 under 20 [Mary Ann]
1 female 40 under 50 [Mary Ann]
He signed a will on 24 Aug 1843 in , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 63 It listed all his children. It was probated in court in October 1852.
He owned land sold on 5 Nov 1844 in , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 69,641 Harmon Greathouse and wife sold 8 acres to Lawrence Logsdon for $100. Land bounded by land owned by Logsdon. This tract of land is the land conveyed by Morgan Jones Jr. to Harmon Greathouse by deed dated 17 May, 1834.
He owned land bought on 15 Sep 1848 in , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 642 Harmon Greathouse bought from Robert C. Woods and his wife Maryant (Marget A.) 60 acres of land on the waters of Bowman for $276.00.
He appeared on the census as head of household for census in 1850 in , Marshall, VA (Later WV). 64
Harmon Greathouse, age 62, m, farmer, land 1,500, b. PA
Mary A., age 59, f, PA
Henry, age 16, m, farmer, b. VA
Mary A. Stephens, age 26, f, b. VA
Jemima Hall, age 17, f, b. VA, pauper

Spouses and Children
1. *Mary Ann (Abt 1790 - After 20 Feb 1859)
       Marriage: Bef 1804 - , , PA Or , , WV
                1. Harmon Greathouse Jr. (Abt 1804-1871) 15,21,77,78,79
                2. John W. Greathouse Sr. (1813-1880) 78
                3. James Greathouse (Abt 1816-1875) 78
                4. Thomas Greathouse (Abt 1823-1852) 78
                5. Mary Ann Greathouse (Abt 1824-After 1863) 78
                6. Sarah Jane Greathouse (Abt 1826-1850) 78
                7. Henry E. Greathouse (1832-1884) 78

Death Notes:
We know he died before Oct 1852 since that was the date when the will was probated. We don't know the source of the 18 Dec 1851, Marshall Co., VA information. (Source: Sandy Taylor)
Burial Notes:
We don't know the source of the information that he is buried on Roberts Ridge. His son is buried on Roberts Ridge. (Source: Sandy Taylor)
Sandy Taylor is the family editor for this family group.There have been many contributors over the years. Recently Sandy, Carol Greathouse, Joan Greathouse, Scott Hicks, Louise Johnson, Donna Lester, Gladys Treadway, and Nancy Watson have provided thorough documentation for this family . We have named this group the 1787-05 Work Group.

Source: 1787 -05 Work Group - The 1850 census is the only source document we have that gives an estimated birth year of between 1787 and 1788 for this Harmon Greathouse born in PA. Listing a birth location of Wharton Fayette, PA is based on a theory that this Harmon may be the son of the Harmon who died in Belmont, OH. Other theories have been put forth, but as yet there is no solid evidence on the parentage of this Harmon Greathouse.

Source: Carol Greathouse - Harmon lived on Roberts Ridge, which may have been much larger then, than it is today. An 1840 plat map would answer the question. The land Harmon bought in 1828 is on the waters of Big Grave Creek. The land he bought from Stephens does not say where the land is at, but when they sell it, it is referred to as Roberts Ridge. When the children of Thomas sell their shares, the land is in Meade Twp and on the waters of the Bowman. There are three Bowman's. Lower Bowman Run, Upper Bowman Run, and middle Bowman Run. These small streams are all in Meade Twp. Today Roberts Ridge is in Franklin Twp.
Carol suggests that the Roberts who the ridge is named after probably owned a lot of land and only one ridge now carries the name.
Marriage Notes (Mary Ann)
Marriage date and location are based on the estimated birth year of first son Harmon born about 1804 in VA. Second son, John W., was born in Washington Co., PA based on census and military records.

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