Greathouse Cousins

John Greathouse and Catharina

Pictures for the John Greathoue and Catharina family.

Samuel Brown Greathouse, Sr. and Susannah Family

Euphrates Younger Greathouse Family

Eufrates Younger Greathouse with Amy, Ivy, Jim and Freddy
From Marvetts Springs Childs
His great-grandaughter


Greathouse Cemetery AKA Friendship Baptist Church Cemetery, Warren County, Kentucky
The cemetery is located behind Friendship Baptist Church near the intersection of Friendship Baptist Church Road and Carl Jordan Road, near Polkville, Kentucky.

It has always been related that Samuel B. Greathouse, Sr. and Susannah are buried on "the Rector Farm".
There are many unmarked stones here and this cemetery was a part of the Rector Farm. We may never know if this is their resting place.
Photos by J. Eric Thomason

Friendship Baptist church
Friendship Baptist Church
Warren County, Kentucky
photo by J. Eric Thomason
Greathouse Cemetery
Greathouse Cemetery
Samuel and Mary S. Arnold graves are on the right, nearest the church.
Greathouse Cemetery Warren County Kentucky
Greathouse Cemetery was established on the Rector farm before the church was there.
Samuel Brown Greathoue Jr tombstone
Samuel Brown Greathouse, Jr. Tombstone
Mary S. Arnold Greathouse tombstone
Mary S. Arnold "Polly" Greathouse Tombstone
Eva Tygrett on Tygrett family stone
Tygrett Family Stone Inscribed for Eva on this side
Leithie Tygrett on Tygrett family stone
Inscription for Leithie Tygrett on family stone
Louisa M Tygrett on Tygrett family stone
Louisa M. Tygrett inscription on family stone
(fourth side not inscribed)

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