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14 February 2012 Herman Groethausen Many updates including children of Solomon; Henry and Jennie Call Greathouse family; Jacob S. Greathouse family, Many new sources, tombstone photos, and small corrections and additions.
25 January 2012 Solomon Greathouse and Catherine Little has been updated. Updates include sorting out Vannie Carmichael, and sorting out sons of Solomon: Peter and Leonard. There are many updates for burials and deaths. We also removed Bessie Hale, wife of Solomon's son Jacob and her children. Please see the note for Jacob Greathouse born 1833 in the Solomon files.
29 June 2011 John Greathouse and Catharina has been updated. Updates include Willie Greathouse and Burtha Duckett family, including Elvis Greathouse; and the Oscar Herman Magnus family. Many new sources and census records added.
10 April 2011 Michael Greathouse and the Snawder Sisters has been updated. Updates include many new people, corrections as the result of new sources, information from Missouri death certificates, and numerous new census citations. We also removed some duplicates from the "orphans" file that are in this family.
23 Sept 2010 John Greathouse and Catharina Updates to Samuel B. Greathouse and Samuel B. Greathouse Jr family line.Many new pictures especially for Elijah Hise Greathouse and McMulin and Seitz families.Also many new census records.
23 Sept 2010 William Greathouse and Charlotte McClendon Updates especially to Jewel Glen Greathouse Elder family and Merrill Greathouse family.
22 Sept 2010 Jacob Greathouse of Georgia Updates especially to the Mims, McLaney and Gilley families. We also have more new pictures in the files and on the family Pictures Page.
12 June 2010 Herman Groethausen We have photos of the grave of Clarence Ridgley Greathouse in Seoul Korea! Andwe have an article about him in the family genealogy (Note the article misspells his middle name). If you have access to newspaper archives on line there are many articles about Clarence Ridgley Greathous.
13 April 2010 Jacob Greathouse of Georgia Updates to family of Allison M. Greathouse, especially the children of Isaac Hill Greathouse. Extensive updates to the family of John Thomas Jefferson Mims and Mary Caroline "Polly" Greathouse We also have new pictures in the files and on the family Pictures Page.
2 Sept. 2009 John Greathouse and Catharina updates include correcting the name of Willaim Berryman Greathouse to William O. Butler Greathouse. We also have new pictures in the files and new information on the Franklin P. Greathouse family.
25 Aug 2009 John Greathouse and Catharina updates include Josiah L. Greathouse and Sarah Marrs, Russell Lee and Kathy Jo Greathouse children, John Wood Sr., Herschel Goodnight Greathouse and wife Lurlie Lee Donoho family, Victor Aley, and numerous photos. Photos of the Greathouse Cemetery in Warren County, Kentucky have been added to the photo page.
3 Aug 2009 Michael Greathouse and the Snawder Sisters has been updated. Updates include the Buhanan family , Andrew Jackson "Jack" Greathouse family and James Hosea Greathouse and descendants. There are an additional 40+ people, 20+ photos , dozens of sources and census records, and many corrections as a result of the new sources.
18 Feb 2009 Jacob Greathouse of Georgia has been updated. Updates include additions and corrections for the descendants of Archibald Donohue Greathouse and Sarah Ann Jackson; corrections and additions for the Broaddrick family: the James Milton Barnes family, and obituaries for Earl Richard Greathouse and Billie Jean Greathouse. There are many small corrections throughout the file
3 Nov 2008 John Greathouse and Catharina has been updated with many additions and corrections for the descendants of John J. Rector and Josiah L. Greathouse, including the family of John Patton Lowe, and many Lowe family corrections. Plus there are corrections and added vital records throughout the family file.
13 Oct 2008 Genealogist Chris Bailey's book, "The Stulls of  "Millsborough,"  is available in two volumes of John Stull (d. 1749), with six generations of Stull, Greathouse, Swearingen and White descendants.
19 Aug 2008 Harmon Greathouse 1750 and Mary Ann has been updated.  Additions include many updates for Hiram H. Greathoue married to  Elizabeth Jane Workman and descendants. Of special note is a death certificate for Hiram and many new census  records  and other new sources.
10 Aug 2008 John and Catharina has been updated with many new census citations, and obituaries for Isaac Greathouse born 1782 and his descendants are now integrated with transcriptions. Thanks to Larry Kistner for his on-going work on this family. Somehow I had disconnected  Mariah Bailey and David Greathouse from the main family. Thankfully, my back-up showed me where I went wrong, and that is now corrected.  Deleted Virgil A. Greathouse, son of Rachel Walser. Census, obituary, and other data show this child was clearly in error.  We already  moved Virgil to what is now the Herman Groethausen family, and left this one while we made certain there was not a second Virgil A. Greathouse before deleting completely.
20 Jul 2008 The Orphans file has added information for William Henry Greathouse born abt 1872-1876 in Kentucky. Orphans information for the Vernon George Greathouse family has been moved to Solomon Greathouse and Catherine Little. Also, sisters Maude and Cyrena Greathouse have been moved from the John Greathouse and Elizabeth family to Orphans, because of lack of documentation to support their presence in the John Greathouse and Elizabeth file.
21 Jun 2008 John and Elizabeth's son David and his descendants have been updated with new people and source references.
17 Jun 2008 Nancy Gauld has submitted twenty-one Greathouse Tombstone pictures for Yeater Cemetery in St. Clair County, Missouri and for Mt. Washington Cemetery in Independence, Missouri.  These pictures are for individuals in the Harmon 1787 family file.
8 May 2008 Our John Greathouse and Elizabeth family  has more improvements!!  We have added to the children of Daniel Greathouse along with new sources, new events, and new children.  We have also moved Samuel L. Greathouse and his descendants from orphans to their rightful place as children of  Daniel Greathouse.

In the Herman Groethausen family, we have new information on Ida Greathouse.  Also, James Muncey and Elizabeth were in orphans as well as in Herman Groethausen, and we have incorporated notes and other information into the Herman file and deleted them from the Orphans.  Several other duplicates have been deleted from the Orphan files.

6 May 2008

We have several updates to Jacob of Georgia Family.  There are many for the Frances Caldwell family line.  We added members that were previously in orphans, including children of James Augustus Caldwell and Josie Viola Ray. We also added parents for Ollie Beulah Fikes and information for Virginia Ann Greathouse.  Thank you to Samuel Theo Hancock for the information on the  John Leonard Hancock family.

27 Apr 2008

We have extensive new updates for the Michael Greathouse and Snawder Sisters family including additions, new and improved sources, and new census records for Michael Greathouse and Peggy Snawder and Michael Greathouse and Debbie Snawder.  In addition, we have renamed the file to:  Michael Greathouse and Snawder Sisters.  Thanks to Bob Richardson for his work on Michael and Debbie descendants, and the Cox and Johnson families.

12 Apr 2008

We have updated information for Mary Elizabeth Vandal married to William Anderson Greathouse and their descendants.  There is compelling evidence that Mary Elizabeth Vandal/Vandale was married to William Anderson Greathouse in our  John Greathoue and Sarah McDade family, not to William Asa Greathouse, as previously thought in our John Greathouse and Catharina family.  Patti Lalack Hutterli contributed much of this family's information and has provided convincing evidence that this is the correct connection for Mary Elizabeth Vandale to the Greathouse family.

11 Apr 2008 New John Greathouse and Elizabeth family file started from old John of Virginia file.  John Greathouse Sr. and John Greathouse Jr. have been updated with many new individuals and lots of new source documents including tax records.  Aesearch group is continuing to add information for other descendants of John Greathouse Sr.  Many thanks to Vivian Taylor, Louise Johnson and Penny Knapp.
11 Apr 2008 Our John Greathouse and Catharina family file has had over 100 pictures and obituaries to the family files with the information included from the obituaries and tombstones.  Areas with the most new information include descendants of: Tilghman Howard Aley, Samuel B. Greathouse, Freddy Younger Greathouse, Cleveland Greathouse and Charley Lee Greathouse.  Thanks to Marvetta Springs Childs, Sandy Faler, Patty Hutterli, Melba Magnus, and Larry Kistner.  We have also removed the Leroy Pennington line from John and Catharina as we have now determined that this family belongs in the John Greathouse of Virginia and Elizabeth family.
8 Apr 2008

Rebecca Greathouse (married to William Conklin) has been added to the Orphans file.  Thank you Carol Gardner.

28 Mar 2008

Our Herman Groethausen family has many updates. There are photos and documents for Daniel Greathouse married to Elizabeth Magness and their child Robert Ambrose Greathouse married to Margaret Blount and their descendants.  Thank you to Richard Watts and to Tammi Reed Ledbetter for the many wonderful  new photos and documents.  Photos of Herman Groethausen's home and St. Michael's Church have also been added to the family file.

18 Mar 2008

Updated Solomon Greathouse and Catherine Little with new birth years for Solomon and Catherine supported by marriage record contributed by Carol Greathouse, and new census data.

10 Mar 2008 We have updates to the John Greathouse and Catharina Family and the Herman Groethausen Family.  The John  Greathouse and Catharina family has updates to the James Hardcastle and Susan E. Greathouse Family Line. Lori Highley Christian provided most of the new information, including a birth record for Drury W. F. Greathouse confirming his parentage (which we had not been sure of before), and other excellent documentation which extends our knowledge of this family.  Herman Groethausen  has updated information and Pictures for Eudora Greathouse and for Robert Ambrose Greathouse. Thank you Richard Watts and Tammi Ledbetter.
29 Feb 2008 Numerous updates for the Michael Greathouse 1795 family now on-line primarily to the Thomas Greathoue and Sarah Allgood descendants  line - especially James Thomas Greathouse and Ruth Ann Johnson Greathouse and their family.  There are photos included in the file and new information and corrections.  Thanks to Bob Richardson for his contributions.
13 Feb 2008

New update to the John Greathouse and Catharina family file.  It includes information on descendants of Bevla Greathouse , corrections for Solomon Story  and Solomon Arron Story , and updates for Francis Marion Greathouse and his descendants.  Thank you to Patti Hutterli, Larry Kistner and Joan Greathouse for their contributions!

6 Feb 2008 New update to the Harmon 1787 family file.  One correction is that the wife of Samuel Lydick has been determined to be Catherine Fair/Fehr.  There are about 500 new people in the family file and buckets of new documentation.
28 Jan 2008 Pictures and Documents added for John Greathouse and Catharina family file and the Herman Groethausen family file.
26 Jan 2008 The Michale1795  Family has been updated with substantial death certificate information extracted from the Missouri on-line vital records.  I  have added many dates, some birth and death locations, and a few people.
21 Jan 2008

Orphan File was updated. Kathy (Greathouse) Berigan of Madison, WI contributed many updates to the family of Samuel L. Greathouse married to Elizabeth Carr and the line of their descendants, including Napoleon Bonaparte "Nappy" Greathouse.

16 Jan 2008 John Greathouse and Catharina family file updated. Patti Lalack Hutterli contributed a number of obituaries and other sources to the William Asa Greathouse and Mary Elizabeth Vandal descendants. There are new people, new sources, and corrected information.Thank you Patti. 

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