Greathouse Cousins

John Greathouse and Elizabeth

Pictures of the John Greathouse and Elizabeth family.

William H. Greathouse Family
submitted by Penny Knapp
picture taken about 1890

William Greathouse Family

L to R back - Leroy Pennington,  son Willie, daughter Mary Ellen, unknown, unknown, Levi, Jasper, and John Pennington.

L to R seated- Rebecca Greathouse Pennington holding Maude Ethel Pennington , William H. Greathouse, Mary White Greathouse, Unknown.  

It is believed that Bertha Mae Pennington is standing between her mother Rebecca and grandfather William H Greathouse.

Jasper Pennington Family and Leroy Pennington Children
submitted by Penny Knapp

Jasper Pennington Family
Jasper Pennington Family
Bessie Brewer Pennington, Jasper Pennington

Bertha, Roy, Maude Pennington
Sarah and baby Willie Edgar  Pennington
Leroy Pennington Children
Leroy Pennington and Rebecca Greathouse Children:
Bertha Trulock, Mary Ellen Cariens and half sister Sarah Matilda, Jasper and John Pennington

Martha Newby Greathouse and mother Rebecca Simpson Newby
submitted by Penny Knapp

Martha Newby GreathouseMartha Newby Greathouse Rebecca Simpson Newby
Rebbeca Simpson Newby

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